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WELCOME! I’m just bouncing off the walls with excitement to be sharing our brand new Blog – “Sharing Good Health & Spreading the Wealth”! We’ll be discussing all sorts of fun stuff related to getting HEALTHY – MIND, BODY & SPIRIT, as well as building WEALTH and designing a life of FREEDOM – Financial Freedom & Freedom of Time!

Personally, I am dedicated to achieving the highest level of awakening and enlightenment in the human experience through the maintenance of optimum health on all levels – mind, body and spirit,….. AND, to sharing the journey as a guide and fellow traveller with any and all who seek the same healthy, fulfilling, abundant, joyous life style — a conscious participant in the dance of the miracle of life !

Design the life that your Soul has dreamed for you and become the person that inner your passion drives you to be. As a Traditional Sundance Chief, Environmental Litigation Attorney, and now Team Beachbody Coach, I have been “counseling” people all my life and I have always been a tenacious advocate for the absolute highest success of the people I work with. I always expect the absolute BEST of myself, and those I work with, by sharing an intense work ethic, strong goal setting techniques, and exceptional organizational and planning skills.

The way I see it, my job is to help you find your soul’s Vision for this life, and then help you bring it into reality! I spent 20 years practicing Law in both the private and public sectors – working with the State Department of Environmental Protection as Chief of Enforcement for 10 years, and running a private practice for the second 10. Now, I have fully retired myself from that chapter of life, and make my living as a full time Beachbody Coach. I’m have been recognized as a Top One Percenter in the Team Beachbody world, have earned “Elite Coach” status, membership in the Beachbody Millionaire Club, having served 2 years on the National Coach Advisory Board, and as the Founder and Leader of Team Bearcat – a Team of 30,000+ Coaches, bringing positive life change to people all around the world every single day.

I feel extremely blessed to be able to spend my time now sharing good health and spreading the wealth – helping others to help themselves to lead healthy, fulfilling lives, reaching their own dreans and creating financial freedom! That’s the kind of stuff I’ll be sharing here – my own story, the stories of other customers and Coaches that I have helped along the way, and the struggles, trials, and tribulations we have overcome. We’ll be sharing tips on health, fitness, spirituality, business building, relationship building, and personal awakening! Hope you’ll be joining us and stopping by often!

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